Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stuffed Baby Romaine

My latest creation from last week!
It was soooooo good!
Stuffed Baby Romaine (when cooking for one)
Serves 2 (with a little left over)

4 Baby Romaine Lettuce Leaves
2.5oz Pkg of Tuna (packed in water)
1/2 cup diced cucumber
1/2 cup frozen corn
1/2 cup diced tomato
1/2 Avocado Diced
3/4 cup 3-bean mix (light red, black and pinto) cooked/seasoned to taste
Cilantro to taste

Thaw corn in advance - DO NOT COOK.  Drain most all the cooking liquid from the beans to keep your mix from getting soggy. However do not drain the tuna unless there is excess water.

Gently mix ingredients together and fill romaine leaves. I say gently because you do not want to mash the beans and avocado unless you are spreading it on the leaves before adding chopped chicken. Now that's an idea! Do not fill romaine leaves until you are ready to eat. Top with remaining cilantro. Consume while chilled and within 1-2 days. The fresher the better. Remember you should be able to taste every ingredient.

You may also want to try the following:
1. Add lightly steamed/chopped asparagus or broccoli
2. If you can afford the calories give this dish some zing by adding dried cranberries and feta cheese
3. If tuna isn't your thing try this dish with sauteed salmon brushed with a raspberry chipotle glaze, grilled chicken or shrimp
4. If you are not adding chicken or seafood and find that you are hungry after eating this dish try spreading some non-fat yogurt over the leaves before you fill them. I tried it with Greek yogurt. Nice touch but a bit heavy and that's why non-fat yogurt may work best.
5. For a citrus flavor dress this dish with fresh lemon juice

Bon Appetit!

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