Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A little chocolate never hurts!

I took the chocolate thing to a whole new level in the last two days.  My mom sent me a box of See's and I begged her not to.  Well what was I supposed to do?  Send it back?  Of course not!  I shared some and ate a lot.  My stomach feels like a ton of bricks right now and if I don't go cycling tonight I'm going to be in big trouble not to mention the digestive problems (if you get my drift) I am experiencing. 

It's just not right that I fix some really great healthy meals and always end up going over board on the sweets.  Moderation is the key they say but I seem to disagree and I know a few other ladies who disagree.  Well, tomorrow is another day (God willing).  Tonight I shall cycle to make up for the calories I ingested.

I am supposed to be doing homework right now and it involves researching a global company.  I selected Coca-Cola.  I came across a nacho recipe and got lost for a brief moment.  Okay here is the URL to the recipe but I'm going back to finish my homework.  By the way I think I could make a plate of nachos that looks better than those on the Coca-Cola website. 
Uh-oh I taste a challenge!!!
I will post the picture this weekend.  To be continued . . .

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