Friday, February 15, 2013

The Glory of Pasta

I'm a pasta freak!  No doubt about it but I don't eat it nearly as often as I used to.  The picture seen here is of the pasta that I made prior to my kickboxing training session.  When I meet with the trainer I really need the energy to last through it so this time I made some pasta.  Sadly the workout was not meant to be for reasons described in my fitness blog

I had fun making it but the truth is the ingredients came together because I am trying to eat all the food I have in the fridge before I make another dash to the grocery store to buy food that I probably won't get a chance to eat.

Black Bean Pasta
I should note that this pasta hit the spot and now has me rethinking my love of alfredo sauce.  Alfredo Sauce is not the representation of eating clean.  Had this been a totally clean pasta dish the beans would not have come from a can.  I am against eating foods out of cans but this time I did.  I needed something quick  and easy.
Pasta is the Yin to my Yang!

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