Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's Better With Protein

Today's Salad Ingredients

A good salad should always have fresh ingredients.  That is exactly why, when crafting my salads, I tend to shy away from using canned toppings such as canned beans and canned corn.  Today is no different.  I should note though that usually my salads include, at the most, five ingredients.  Today there were eight!
My meal tonight was a salad.  Toppings included grilled chicken breast, fresh edamame, vine ripened tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, carrot matchsticks, 3-bean mix (black, red and pinto) and lastly, feta cheese with tomato and basil.  My salad base was fresh romaine and organic spinach.  The salad dressing consisted of light balsamic vinaigrette.  A protein rich salad after a hard workout is the only way to go.
This salad had really good mouth feel.  There were several textures going on.  To further explain, I experienced the creamy avocado, tender beans, spinach and edemame and crunchiness from the romaine lettuce, cucumbers and carrots.  The diced tomatoes were very refreshing as they usually are when I include them as a topping to my salads.  I never scoop the center of the tomato out before cutting and/or including them in my salads.

I thoroughly enjoyed prepping and eating my salad.  It helps that it also looks good.  Right?
This salad shall be called "It's Better With Protein"


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